Big Shots Golf

PRODUCT: VT-Evo Series / 2.9mm | TYPE: Indoor | COMPLETED: 04.12.2017

“Driving Good Times” – Managed and built by the O’Reilley Hospitality Group, Big Shots is THE location for golf-centric fun,where you can have date night, craft food, fun family outings, Sunday brunch, happy hour, and so much more. The company reached out to Visiontech in late 2019 to help lend to their award-winning customer experience, and in tandem with the design team at VT, we designed two VT-Evo Series video wall systems for their main lobbies that absolutely command the attention of everyone entering the buildings.
Both lobby video walls measure out to 10’ tall by 16’ wide; an absolutely stunning display of Visiontech’s VT-Evo display technology that runs Big Shot’s daily specials, live internet feeds, Pay-Per-View events, and DirecTV channels in full 1080 native resolution. The inputs are handled by a top-of-the-line Novastar NovaPro UHD video processor, capable of handling windowed presets, multiple video signal inputs, audio routing, and remote management. Big Shots Administration & Marketing teams are able to remotely control their Visiontech video walls at both the Springfield, Missouri and Fort Worth, Texas locations from their corporate offices via encrypted TCP/IP network control; this allows them to deploy location-specific content at a moment’s notice from the comfort of their offices, thousands of miles away.

Project Details

  • 2.9mm 1680×1008 Pixel Matrix
  • Novastar NovaPro UHD Video Processor
  • Video Window Preset capable, fed by multiple sources
  • Local and Secure Remote Control

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