City of Keytesville

PRODUCT: VT-Slimline Series / 10mm | TYPE: Outdoor | COMPLETED: 09.08.2016

Among our earliest Real-Pixel full-color displays, the City of Keytesville, Missouri originally had a legacy hand-wired Visiontech Red Monochrome digital display-before the age of Color revolutionized the industry. Once the option of full-color was available to our clients, it wasn’t long before Visiontech was commissioned to design a full color upgrade to the existing city’s display, with millions of colors previously not possible. Established in 1833, the City is a beautiful representation of North-Central Missouri and a great destination for anyone looking for authentic Ozark retreats.

Project Details

  • 256×128 Pixel Matrix
  • 16mm Slimline Series
  • Custom-built Letter Cabinet
  • Masonry-enclosed Pylon Display

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