Harvest International Church

PRODUCT: VT-Evo Series / 2.9mm | TYPE: Indoor | COMPLETED: 06.20.2018

“Experience HIM” – Serving Arkansas’ Miller County and beyond, Harvest International Ministries is one of the Southwest’s foremost leaders in not just local mission work- but global-scale ministry via an expansive worldwide network of supporters and the latest in broadcast and telecommunication technology. When the leadership at HIM reached out to Visiontech to design a cutting-edge indoor display to add to their brand-new beautifully-crafted sanctuary, all stops were pulled out to deliver a display system that not only was unique in shape- but nothing short of bespoke in overall design. The Visiontech design team drafted a flown-mount 14’ tall portrait display to fit snugly between the ministry’s handcrafted wooden main stage backdrop, rigged to a 4-post floor-standing truss frame, with the entire assembly capable of being raised and lowered for maintenance & cleaning by a single person.
The display’s design also required broadcast compatibility- as the church’s sermons are shot and broadcast on the very popular Daystar cable network channel- dictating delivery of a display with an extremely high refresh rate, to be shot on camera without evident scan lines, refresh flicker, and the ever-present moiré issue commonly seen with certain LED displays shown on television. The Visiontech engineering team worked with the Ministry’s A/V and broadcast teams to dial in the display once installed, not only to ensure our standard of quality is consistently met- but to assist the HIM team with recommended broadcast camera settings, display system training, and overall commissioning and congratulations.
The Ministry’s signature Visiontech Evo-Series display is now proudly shown on Daystar, their social media pages, and their weekly live streams- serving to provide beautifully-crafted backdrop graphics, hymnal lyrics, real-time camera feeds, and much more.

Project Details

  • 3.9mm 640×1024 Pixel Matrix
  • Flown-Rigged Truss Mounted
  • 8.5’ x 14’ Portrait Orientation
  • Custom Chain-Hoist Rigging System

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