Praise Assembly

PRODUCT: VT-Omni Series / 6.67mm | TYPE: Outdoor | COMPLETED: 02.16.2017

“Calling for Something Bigger” – Located on North Glenstone Avenue on old Route 66 is Praise Assembly- a unique house of worship with a uniquely dedicated mission. Their diverse team reached out to Visiontech to design a display that would captivate those both entering and leaving Springfield with the church’s messaging- and we delivered in a big way. One of the biggest Omni-Series displays built to date, the tight pixel pitch used-coupled with the sheer size of the faces- make for an impressive outdoor display resolution that is nothing short of striking. Travelers comment regularly on the clarity and vibrance of the display, and has been a testament to our latest developments in LED technology.

Project Details

  • 6.67mm 480×288 Pixel Matrix
  • Flagship Omni-Series SMD Display
  • Trademark Praise ‘House’ Pylon Design

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