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PRODUCT: VT-Slimline Series / 16mm | TYPE: Outdoor | COMPLETED: 06.14.2017

“Driven by the Best” – Originally founded in Urbana, Missouri back in 1970, Prime has deep roots in the Southwest, and continues to be one of the leading freight transportation providers in business today. Their Springfield, Missouri headquarters is an astounding complex with a dizzying array of driver amenities, fleet services, truck sales, and more. Contracting Visiontech to build massive 60’ double-pole displays right at the US65 & Interstate 44 exchanges, their Slimline-Series twin displays tower over traffic entering, leaving, and just passing through Springfield. Truly some of the best advertisement real estate a company could hope for, their displays greet thousands upon thousands of vehicles every day.

Project Details

  • 16mm 440×200 Pixel Matrix
  • Wireless Local Control
  • Massive Twin Displays facing all lanes of US65 and I-44

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