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MCTRL4K utilizes HDR10-Optima&HLG to realize high dynamic range display. When paired with A8s/A10s Plus, the MCTRL4K can dramatically improve image quality through the optimization of every pixel. A single unit features a loading capacity of up to 4096×2160@60Hz. It supports any custom resolutions with the maximum width or height up to 7680 pixels, meeting the on-site configuration requirements of ultra-long or ultra-wide LED displays.

Product Features

  • Resolution: 4K×2K@60Hz | Maximum width up to 8K
  • Neutrik EtherCON×16 OPT Ports×4
  • Inputs: 1×DP1.2 1×HDMI2.0 2×Dual DVI
  • Wireless remote control
  • Supports 3D function when working with the 3D emitter EMT200 and 3D glasses, allowing you to experience 3D display effects.
  • Latency of less than 1ms
  • 10G bandwidth optical fiber, Up to 10km long-distance transmission

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