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NovaPro UHD is an all-in-one controller, integrating a software control system with 4K processing and 4K sending. The NovaPro UHD features many cutting edge technologies, and a single unit is able to provide comprehensive control for high end rental and other applications, simplifying operation while increasing the value of the display. Support for 4K x 2K input and output, with maximum height and width of 8K. Equipped with Master VI control software, featuring integrated cabinet mapping, sending, and playback. Support for multiple layers including: Two 4K x 2K, four 2K x 1K, LOGO, and BKG, as well as irregular shaped layers.

Product Features

  • Inputs:
  • 4x 12G-SDI – Supports ST-2082-1 (12G), ST-2081-1 (6G), ST-424 (3G) and ST-292 (HD) standard video inputs. Input resolutions up to 4K×[email protected] and downward compatible Supports 12G-SDI output with loop-through. Note: When the input source is a 12G-SDI signal, you must use CANARE / L-4.5CHD+ / UHDTV-SDI SDI cables and the cable length should be less than 50 m. 12G-SDI connectors 1, 2 and 3 DO NOT support the deinterlaced function, but connector 4 supports the function.
  • 1x DP 1.2 –
  • 1x HDMI 2.0
    • Input resolutions up to 4K×[email protected] (8K×[email protected]) and downward compatible
    • Supports HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2.
    • DOES NOT support interlaced signal inputs. Supports HDMI 2.0 output with loop-through.
  • 4x HDMI 1.3
    • D_4×HDMI 1.3 input card by default
    • Input resolutions up to 1920×[email protected] Supports HDCP 1.3.
    • Supports interlaced signal inputs.
    • The HDMI input card can be replaced by a D_4×DVI input card.
  • Outputs:
  • 16x Ethernet port
    • Gigabit Ethernet output ports
    • Maximum loading capacity: 8.8 million pixels
    • Maximum width: 8192 pixels
    • Maximum height: 8192 pixels
  • 4x OPT 1–4
    • 10G fiber optical output ports (copy and hot backup)
    • OPT 1 transmits data on Ethernet ports 1–8.
    • OPT 2 transmits data on Ethernet ports 9–16.
    • OPT 3 is the copy/hot backup channel for OPT 1.
    • OPT 4 is the copy/hot backup channel for OPT 2.
  • 1x MVR – HDMI 1.3 connector A Multiviewer connector to monitor the input source, PVM, PGM or perform mixed monitoring
  • 1x AUX – HDMI 1.3 connector An auxiliary output connector for connecting an auxiliary device, such as a teleprompter

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