Outdoor LED Displays

Our outdoor LED displays are engineered with the most technologically advanced components available, our industry leading parts warranty gives you peace of mind for years to come!

Modular Cabinet Design

At Visiontech, we have set the bar high with our exclusive VT-Slimline, VT-Omni, and VT-LUXE cabinet and tile designs. With our newly-designed cabinets and tiles, upgrading to a better solution is as easy as swapping out tiles with our uniform series cabinet design. The modular cabinet design also allows quick production turnaround to meet your construction timeline or advertising goals.

Single Bin LED Diodes

Visiontech employs a single-bin LED standard for our Slimline, Omni, and Luxe Series outdoor display products. Single Bin LED diodes keep our display colors consistent, allowing higher viewing angles and better content representation. With single-bin LEDs, the previous need for factory calibration is eliminated. Though this process is more expensive to produce than factory calibrated LEDs, we could not obtain the true whites and brilliant contrasting colors our clients enjoy- and expect- from every Visiontech display we manufacture.

Sealed Tiles

Through our R&D process, we at Visiontech analyzed 3rd-party LED displays industry-wide, polled display owners across the country, and spoke with other LED manufacturing facilities to find where most typical LED failures occur, and most importantly- what causes them. Upon conclusion, we found a significant amount of common display failures are caused by data/power connection failure; the primary display data and power connectors offered by the majority of our competitors lack IP67 weatherproof rating, resulting in common, repeated failures due to environmental damage and water ingress. Visiontech engineers took this data, and developed unique connections for both data and power- housed in a single connector. This industry-leading design resulted in 75% less internal display wiring overall, which in turn, means fewer points of failure.

Superior Power System

With our front and rear serviceable IP67-rated display control housing, Visiontech utilizes a superior power delivery system, complete with fanless power supplies, that have a 700,000-hour mean time between failure rating. Our engineered control housing system contains both fanless power supplies and display receiver cards together in sealed enclosures, eliminating issues with moisture, condensation, and water ingress.

Real-Time Diagnostic Monitoring

Our optional Visiontech diagnostic monitoring service provides emailed alert notifications to our support team if your display system ever encounters trouble in the field, and allows our techs to jump into action to restore functionality as quickly as possible. The monitoring system continually watches the LED tiles, power supplies, data communications, computer health, internet connection, and overall operating temperature of your display system. Visiontech is committed to the health of your display and investment, and understands in this industry- downtime is our biggest enemy.

Tile Calibration

Whether onsite or remotely performed, our advanced calibration technology firmware allows granular color, gamma, and brightness correction at an entire display, tile, or single pixel calibration level. This process ensures matched coloration and uniformity, and guarantees that if a tile ever needs to be replaced, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the display.