“I want my…. I want my Old VT”
From big hair and oversized blazers, to mullets and Trans-Ams, Visiontech’s roots began in the mid-Eighties- back when life was a bit simpler, hair was longer, and fanny packs were not only cool… THEY WERE USEFUL.
In our early beginnings, all of our digital (analog) displays were hand-wired, built from scratch, with every single component touched by Visiontech engineers- in every display we built. Many of our Springfield-local businesses- and those who have lived here in the Queen City long enough- are familiar with the Plaza Towers landmark display, perched atop the massive Plaza Towers building in Midtown. Among one of the very earliest Visiontech displays, it adorned the Towers- running uninterrupted- for nearly 50 years straight, before being upgraded in 2022; a testament to craftsmanship and durability that we couldn’t be more proud to have built (by hand), right here in the Heartland.
Take a look through some of our rich history, and see how the beginnings of modern-day LED technology was born! Incandescent bulb displays with serial DOS-based programming- while incredibly inefficient by today’s standards- were the cutting-edge of tech back then, and helped to build the framework Visiontech stands upon today. From there, we moved to developing monochrome (single-color) red and amber displays- some of which are still running today!
We must caution you- some of our technicians’ fashion choices, showcased in our Vintage picture gallery, might trigger nostalgia in those that lived through the era of VCRs & glam rock, and when MTV reigned supreme.
So-have a seat, dust off the hair spray and handlebars, and take a look through where we began.
You might just have a laugh or two.