Who We Are

Visiontech – Breaking the Ceiling Since 1985
Scratch building and hand-wiring digital displays since 1985, Visiontech started planting our seeds very early in the global LED technology timeline. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in a single-shop production floor, and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital display field for decades since.
Our parent company, Boyce Industries, got its start in 1934- building and designing custom static signage and hand-blown neon masterpieces here in Springfield, Missouri, under the Missouri Neon Company division. Still operating from the same location we originally broke ground on, BI has enjoyed great success and significant expansion opportunities- and in 1985, we began designing from the ground up what would eventually become the modern LED display technology billions around the world enjoy today. The stage was set, the initial manufacturing facility was built, and Visiontech was born.

Original Visiontech Logo
Visiontech’s company concept was simple in today’s standards- design and build dynamic lighted signage that could be programmed to show different messages, employ the highest quality components available, and offer what our future competition still cannot match today–lifetime bespoke technical support for every display we build, and the best product warranties in the business.

We designed and built the world’s first ‘programmable displays’ using arrays of incandescent bulbs (yes, the same kind we all once primarily used to light our homes), connected to a DOS-based controller, running a program that controlled power supplies, and in specific sequences could control specific bulbs in an array to turn on or off depending on the message the user wished to convey.
Lamp-Based Early Displays
Remember those ‘Flashing Arrow’ signs that the lights chased around, or the movie marquee canopies that flashed in different patterns? Visiontech would take this concept a step further, and designed entire signs with progressively smaller bulbs, controlled by programs, telling them to essentially “make a picture”!
Lighting tech has come a very long way since then, and LEDs are the global medium of choice for both general lighting and display technology. We see them in household light bulbs, indicator lights on our appliances, in and around our automobiles, flashlights, traffic safety indicators, TVs, and so much more.
As technology advanced throughout the years, so did Visiontech; from our beginnings with plain incandescent bulb signs running simple programs, we now build full-color high resolution displays driven by modern computer systems- both for outdoor AND indoor applications- across the continental United States and beyond.
We are focused on keeping an unmatched level of product quality, designing unique tailored-to-client display systems- all while holding our client needs, satisfaction, and lifetime support as our priorities above all.
What you will NOT find at Visiontech are assembly-line attitudes, or mass-produced production numbers given higher priority over quality- we are focused on keeping an unmatched level of product quality, designing unique tailored-to-client display systems- all while holding our client needs, satisfaction, and lifetime support as our priorities above all.
Visiontech does all things involved with LED displays and signage- unique display system retrofits, custom framing, one-of-a-kind display shapes & sizes, outdoor commercial LED displays, full-size and jumbo digital billboard systems, high-resolution indoor LED & A/V system design, LED display integration into existing client systems, and so much more.
With the ability to integrate modern audio/video systems with our cutting-edge LED display technology, we have the capability to display anything our clients wish to; if you have a video source, we can design our LED systems to work flawlessly in tandem, no matter the signal type or system configuration.
Most leaders in business know success is not only achieved through dedication, motivation, quality & improvement- but also criticism, introspection, and team development alike; we here at Visiontech will always continue to look for ways to hone our craft, as new opportunities to serve our clients in unique ways are presented every day.
We continue to hold our clients and partners in the highest value, ourselves to the highest standards, and we can’t wait to see what Visiontech can do for you.
Pride through Quality, since 1985.